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Wendelbo was founded in 1955 with the ambition to create designs that infuse their surroundings with a timeless elegance, informed by the hand-crafted processes that have been an inherent part of their approach since the very beginning.


Being at once uncompromising and design-centric at heart, Wendelbo strives for their products to reflect true passion; to create well-made objects with long-lasting identities in their quality and appearance while breathing refined sentiments into the everyday life of their users.

At the heart of the Wendelbo universe is their collection of upholstered furniture, embodying the simplicity of Scandinavian design while being produced to the highest levels of quality for homes and contract projects alike.


Wendelbo is based in Aarhus, Denmark.

Wendelbo: Clients
Wendelbo: Pro Gallery

Please feel free to download Wendelbo's latest catalogue of their great collection.

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